Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sunday Morning Reflection I woke this morning with so much on my mind.  I thought of the projects that I need to complete, Fabric Creations by Andrea orders to mail, fabric to find for waiting customers, Mary Kay orders to package, what to cook for dinner, need to get a pedicure, need to go to the fabric store, need to go to the bank, need to sit and pay bills, need to finish the laundry, need to, need, to, need to........then I got a Blackberry message from my mom  saying "We'll talk later..going to church"...and then it struck me....I haven't visited the structure I call my church home in quite some time.

Church and the process of worship has always played an integral part of my life.  I can't think of a day when I don't pray, talk to God, appreciate my higher power, thank God for his journeying mercies (a practice I learned from my maternal grandmother).  There are days when I just sing of his love and  his goodness.   Back to why I haven't visited my church home in a while.  One simple reason - I was overwhelmed.  I volunteered for an event and gave it my all - then all of a sudden I was bombarded with requests to do this and to do that...I felt like every time I walked in someone was waiting around the corner to enlist me for another project....frankly I was overwhelmed!

My reason for going to church is to have communion with like minded people and to be spiritually fed - NOT to work on projects and committees.....wait for it......wait for it......Andrea, how selfish can you be???  Don't you get it?

At this point I saved this blog post as a draft and left to go to the fabric store.  While there I received a phone call from a friend that I had not heard from in a couple of months....she told me of another friend who had asked for me, wanting to know if she had seen me at church lately......  The next day I got a facebook message from another Church friend letting me know that someone else had asked for the universe trying to tell me something?

Now at 11:52pm September 8th, almost 2 weeks later I am ready to complete this blog entry.  The main reason I have not been able to finish this entry before tonight is simple.....I've been overwhelmed with projects.....most of them not my now I've come full circle.  Projects for the Lord (through church), projects for my family and friends, projects for myself.  It appears that I am being called upon because people believe in me.  I need to embrace that.  I need to think on that.  I need to come to terms with that.................until next time!

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