Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Memories of Manchester - An Introduction

This is the title of my soon to be released book.  It is a compilation of my childhood memories of growing up in Manchester, Jamaica.  I have such great memories of my times in Manchester.  One of my earliest memories is walking to Hope Prep School, the swing set at the back of the school and Mrs. Evans my teacher. This is where I learned to read about the Little Engine that Could and Dick and Dora.  Hope Prep was located in Hope Village, just above Williamsfield, where my Grand-parents lived.  During this time, My mother was living and working in Kingston, the Capital of Jamaica, having gone there to work and to set the stage for a better life for my brother and me.  You see my father passed away when my brother and I were very young.  The details of which you'll read further on.

Williamsfield (which by the way, I thought was named after my grand-parents) is the place where I tend to retreat to in my mind when I need to "breathe".  My memories of Manchester are so rooted in that place, just at the round-about, with the house on the hill, Mama's house just off the side of the road , Aunt Gwen's house to the rear of the land and the family burial plot just above the "common".

Stay tuned.


  1. Like the title. You know that's my parish too. Spent so much of my best years there! Know Williamsfield well!

  2. That is awesome, I can't wait to read your book. I am sure it will be great. It will be fun to learn more about your life growing up.